Cascade Chamber Business Listings
that are Caterers

105 Nixon St. SE.
Cascade, IA 52033
Brother’s Market
PO Box 459
Teresa Rowland, Manager
Steve Weber

We are your local community connection for high quality foods, friendly service and great prices. Our family-owned store offers a convenient one-stop shop where you can find everything you need from everyday essentials to specialty items. Call us for your catering needs.

308 4th Ave. SW
Cascade, IA 52033
Lois Catering
PO Box 238
Lois Merkes, Owner
Dennis Merkes, Owner

We provide service for catering jobs of all events.

101 Arthur St. NW
Cascade, IA 52033
Marilyn’s Catering
PO Box 401
Marilyn Hawkins, owner

Provide catering for large or small parties, weddings, anniversaries, funerals.

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